About Us

Stepcraft is the world's first universal desktop CNC solution designed to turn your ideas into reality. From woodworking to machining plastics or soft metals, because of the variety of system attachments STEPCRAFT-2 has teh ability to mill, cut, drill, engrave, carve and even 3D print. It will let you do just about anything. STEPCRAFT-2 gives you the power of a full CNC machine shop in a compact and extremely durable system that will fit right on your desktop or workbench.

Making a Model Railroad Bridge (files included)

In preparation for the Railroad Hobby Show in Mass. we had to design something that was model railroad related.  So using Sketchup, I came up with a design for this bridge.  I created the tool paths in V Carve and will share the files below. The bridge was made from 1/4 clear pine "hobby boards" [...]

Love You More Sign…

Start making signs that you see for $20, $30 or more at fairs in your own home for pennies.  This sign was inspired from a booth at a local fair. Milled on Stepcraft 420 with a 2mm end mill. Took 10 minutes - Cost - 86 cents.

Engraving An Aluminum Dog Tag With a STEPCRAFT CNC

We purchased some anodized aluminum dog tags for about $.50 each on EBay.Using a Mini Engraving Point and a Rubber Workpiece Holder

Cutting A Snowflake

After a trip to a local craft store looking for a project to do with my kids for Christmas, I saw a display with a bunch of wooden Christmas ornaments. Knowing we could have some family fun making these on our own with our Stepcraft 420, we bought some 1/8" plywood and went home to make some ornaments.

RC Car Chassis Milling

RC Driver magazine asked us if we could take a chassis for an RC car that they were reviewing and lighten it up. So we used a Stepcraft 420 with a HF500 watt spindle and a 3/16" Endmill and make several pockets to remove weight but maintain strength.