Making a Model Railroad Bridge (files included)


In preparation for the Railroad Hobby Show in Mass. we had to design something that was model railroad related.  So using Sketchup, I came up with a design for this bridge.  I created the tool paths in V Carve and will share the files below. The bridge was made from 1/4 clear pine "hobby boards" [...]

Love You More Sign…


Start making signs that you see for $20, $30 or more at fairs in your own home for pennies.  This sign was inspired from a booth at a local fair. Milled on Stepcraft 420 with a 2mm end mill. Took 10 minutes - Cost - 86 cents.

Engraving An Aluminum Dog Tag With a STEPCRAFT CNC


We purchased some anodized aluminum dog tags for about $.50 each on EBay. Using a Mini Engraving Point and a Rubber Workpiece Holder

Cutting A Snowflake


After a trip to a local craft store looking for a project to do with my kids for Christmas, I saw a display with a bunch of wooden Christmas ornaments. Knowing we could have some family fun making these on our own with our Stepcraft 420, we bought some 1/8" plywood and went home to make some ornaments.

RC Car Chassis Milling


RC Driver magazine asked us if we could take a chassis for an RC car that they were reviewing and lighten it up. So we used a Stepcraft 420 with a HF500 watt spindle and a 3/16" Endmill and make several pockets to remove weight but maintain strength.