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The CAD, CAM & CNC Workbook is a modulary structured textbook adressing to the self-educated and teachers for the lower and upper secondary level of education. It contains all basics necessary for computer-aided construction and manufacturing. Starting with the emergence and importance of the CNC technique, to basic knowledge regarding the functioning of CAD, CAM and machine control software to the detail introduction to corresponding programs (using the example of Autodesk Fusion 360, UCCNC). The CAD, CAM und CNC-Workbook describes and explains the entire way from the idea to the manufactured workpiece. Due to tangible feelings of success, the integrated practical and project examples, including the respective solution files, ensure a lasting learning effect. Additionally, pre-formulatated questions can be found in the comprehension section at the end of each module. Beyond that, The CAD, CAM & CNC Workbook is designed in a modern and attractive way in order to further support the learning process. Click here for an extract of the book. ISB number: 978-3-00-056729-2 169 pages

52 in stock

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