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Stepcraft is the world's first universal desktop CNC solution designed to turn your ideas into reality. From woodworking to machining plastics or soft metals, because of the variety of system attachments STEPCRAFT-2 has teh ability to mill, cut, drill, engrave, carve and even 3D print. It will let you do just about anything. STEPCRAFT-2 gives you the power of a full CNC machine shop in a compact and extremely durable system that will fit right on your desktop or workbench.

HF-Spindle 500 Watt

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Milling all materials permanently and effectivelyPowerful and robust high-frequency spindle from STEPCRAFT

Product Description

The STEPCRAFT spindle is a technical product with high precision, stability and quiet running. The HF 350 / 500 are cylindrical spindles with a compact design and equipped with an asynchronous motor to provide high torque levels. High capacity ball-bearings (3x) bring the concentricity accuracy and a long tool life. A sealing air system prevents the penetration of dust, chips or liquid to the ball-bearings. The service life will be extended clearly. Additional advantages are high stiffness, low-vibration running and long-life grease lubrication.

For the application of the tool with a STEPCRAFT or a third-party router additional ER-collets are necessary. The technical drawing provides the important dimensions.

By using the HF-spindle with the STEPCRAFT 600, choose the version with 2 metre cable, please.


  • Collet clamping diameter: max. 8,0 mm
  • Type of collet: ER11
  • Housing: Aluminium 7075, anodised
  • Housing diameter: 52mm
  • Housing length: 86mm
  • Type of motor: Three phase asynchronous motor
  • Number of motor poles: 14
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Range of speeds: 3.000 – 20.000 rpm
  • Voltage (max.): 24 V
  • Current (max.): 14,6A / 20,8A
  • Torque (max.): 0,17Nm / 0,25Nm
  • Shaft diameter 43mm
  • Output (max.): 350W / 500W
  • Type of bearing and quantity: Ball-bearing, steel, long-life grease lubrication, 3 pc.
  • Concentricity accuracy within collet:: < 0,01 mm
  • Clamping mechanism: Manually, ER-collet
  • Cooling: Labyrinth air-cooling
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Additional features: Sealing air-system, locking button for tool change

Items Included

  • Spindle HF350/HF500 with connection cable 1m (on request different length)
  • Control unit STG350/STG500
  • Hose ΓΈ6mm for sealing air-system with length of 2m
  • Sealing air-pump
  • Operation manual


Dimensions (WxLxH):


Additional Information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions16 x 14 x 7 in


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