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One Stepcraft Machine… So Many Applications


Whether you are a crafter, hobbyist or an advanced machinist, Stepcraft 2 will let you mill just about anything.

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Stepcraft 2 when equipped with your favorite spindle can perform advanced carving functions for your next project.

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If you are a woodworker, then you will appreciate Stepcraft 2’s ability to add very intricate details to your next project.

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Perform detailed engraving on a wide variety of materials; from brass and aluminum to hard plastics and wood.

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3D Printing

One of the biggest benefits of a Stepcraft 2 machine is that you don’t need a separate milling machine and 3D printer.

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Foam Cutting

Adding the Hot Wire attachment transforms the Stepcraft 2 into a versatile foam cutter.

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Vinyl Cutting

The drag knife transforms your Stepcraft-2 machine into a very capable vinyl-cutting machine.

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Why spend hundreds of dollars on punches and dies at your local craft store just to make a single object.

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