Some jobs are best suited for a laser rather than a rotary tool.  The new Stepcraft Laser Engraving Head allows for a contactless cutting cutting of light materials (e. g. paper, balsa wood, vinyl) and engraving of various materials without requiring a prior clamping. The compact, self-contained head an exhaust air system with fine particle filter, an integrated zero point sensor and a sight protecting brush. The internal airflow keeps the laser’s lens clean and provides cooling.

The Laser allows for a contactless engraving of various materials without requiring a prior clamping and is also able to cut smaller workpieces. Depending on the method of processing, the intensity of the laser beam can be adjusted on the computer from 0 to 100%. Additionally, the laser not only contains an integrated zero point sensor but an active diode sealing air as well which vacuums the exhaust air and guides it through the fine particle filter. This ensures not only the protection of the laser diode but a simultaneous cooling as well.

We recommend to guide the filtered exhaust air that is emitted from the laser control unit to an outdoor area using the optionally available Exhaust Air Hose.

NOTICE: The laser tool is a class 4 laser. Special safety regulations apply. Please read the Operating and Safety Instructions as well as the Verification of Notice for General Safety Instructions and Declaration of Exemption for the STEPCRAFT Laser DL445 before buying the product. A sale without the verification signed is not possible. Furthermore, we need a copy of your ID card. Also note adapted General Terms and Conditions in section “2. Contractual Agreements”.